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A little about Why I created this page.

I've been in the business of breeding kittens for the last ten years, and throughout these ten years it has never occured to me how many scammers there are around, even though my clients have told me they've been scammed before. However, a few months ago I put myself in the same situation. I was looking for a Cavalier King Charles puppy, and for three weeks I ran into nothing but scammers. I realize that with my experience as a breeder, I was able to spot the tells that showed me they were not a real breeder, but most people do not have my experience. I have created this page for this reason to attempt to help you on your journey to find your pets. Below are some tips on what to look for when looking for a real breeder.

I want to say that I can only cover what I have experienced, which probably isn't everything. This page has been made with the best of intentions.


Whenever looking for a pet, you should always ask for a Facetime call or video call, not just a video. It seems to be common for people to take videos off the internet and present them as their own pets. When you ask for a Facetime or video call, they may say it is against their religion or against their rules. That can be ok at times, but in both instances you should ask them write your name and today's date on a piece of paper to hold next to the pet during the video.

Facetime and video calls

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